Thursday, August 30, 2007


I thought that the registration fee for CATS2007 was totally ridiculous. Complaining about conference fees is very common indeed, but still...
here is a comparison of registration fees in some of the best theory conferences around:

registration fees (late registration):
FOCS 2007: 435 USD = 528 AUD
STOC 2007: 425+100(FCRC fee)=525USD = 637 AUD (516AUD when it's not in the FCRC)
SoCG 2007: 283 EUR = 468 AUD
CCC'06: 300 EUR = 496 AUD

CATS07: 900 AUD

What could be the explanation for this?
IWOCA seems to be more reasonable with a registration at 380AUD. CATS is organized as part of the ACSW multi-conference event and is overseen by Computer Research and Education Association (CORE - previously CSA).

Perhaps IWOCA should be the "local" theory conference of choice?


  1. Wasn't the 900 AUD the late registration fee?

    I noticed that the registration fee in 2003 was 577.50 AUD.

  2. yes late registration - all the fees shown on this post are late registration fees.

    i dont remember the normal one (and i cannot find it online anymore) i think it was around 700AUD or so.

  3. I asked some colleagues and friends about CATS and AWOCA and this is my impression (it might be wrong).

    AWOCA is more of a regional informal workshop that promotes people coming together. Apparently graph theory and combinatorics have traditionally been very strong at AWOCA. Papers are refereed, but the acceptance rate is very high - at least 80%. In my opinion this sounds like an ideal workshop, unfortunately the organisers want to change it this year (to IWOCA) to make it more competitive and international.

    CATS is more formal and usually the acceptance rate is 50%-60%. It covers a very broad area of computer science and, even though I’ve been the co-chair for two years, I can’t see any area that is stronger than others at CATS.

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  5. I was planning to attend IWOCA this year but I just saw on the website that the registration fee is 800AUD! So I'll probably stay at home....

    How can it be so expensive? Is it the transition from AWOCA to IWOCA?

  6. Tried claiming it as a work related expense for a tax return?

    I think this actually works sometimes, look it up.