Sunday, December 23, 2007

ISAAC - Day 2

I overslept and missed the invited talk by Robin Thomas. The rest of the day I again mostly listened to geometry papers, except a presentation on game theory by Stefan Schmid (Eidenbenz, Oswald and Wattenhofer). They considered an extended version of the prisoners'dilemma. I'm far from an expert in the area but it seems to have some relation to the concept of putting taxes on edges in a network as proposed by Cole, Dodis and Roughgarden.

Another talk that I found interesting was by Tetsuo Asano who gave a talk on triangulations with Steiner points. That is, the aim is to triangulate a polygon while optimising some criterion. However, you're allowed to add, say k, Steiner points in the interior. How will you add the Steiner points such that the criterion is optimised? They showed polynomial time algorithms for adding a constant number of Steiner points while optimising the maximum interior angle.

Today was also the day of the conference banquet. We were served a French/Italian dinner. I still haven't had any sushi since I arrived!!!

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