Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SoCG'08 notification

The big day for the CG community is here - the sausage notification. There were 127 submissions of which 42 were accepted. I was lucky to get my paper "A Simple and Efficient Kinetic Spanner" together with Mohammad Ali Abam and Mark de Berg accepted (See previous post).

It was also good to see that some of the students that I've been working with lately had a couple of papers accepted. For example, Martin Nöllenburg had two papers accepted (one son and two SoCG paper in one week, congratulations!) and Maarten Löffler had one paper. Also, Kevin and Maike Buchin who are visiting us at the moment had a paper accepted on Polychromatic Colorings of Plane Graphs.

By only looking at the titles there are several papers that look very interesting, for example, dynamic coresets by Timothy Chan and Similarity Search for Point Sets under Translation by Minkyoung Cho and David Mount. I'm looking forward to read them.

There will probably be more on this in a future post.

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