Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Lipton theory symposium

Richard Lipton
is celebrating his 60th birthday this year, and a symposium is organized in his honor. Lipton has several fundamental contributions in complexity theory, algorithms, DNA computing and cryptography. He has a number of specific results that are especially famous, perhaps the most well-known ones are the Karp-Lipton theorem and the planar separator theorem.

Dick Lipton was my PhD supervisor at Princeton, not too long ago. Working with him was a real joy in every aspect. I remember that during our meetings, I felt like he had at least one stoc/focs-paper-idea per day. Looking back at my PhD years in princeton, i think i was fortunate enough to have an "as-good-as-it-gets" phd experience and opportunities, and lipton was a big part of that.

The lipton-symposium announcement follows:

Subject: A Symposium in Honor of Dick Lipton's 60th birthday

Dear friends,

On April 26-28, the Georgia Tech College of Computing is hosting a
theory symposium in honor of Richard Lipton's 60th birthday and
his many seminal contributions to Computer Science. Symposium speakers
include Richard Karp, Michael Rabin, Avi Wigderson, Sasha Razborov,
Jin-Yi Cai, Ravi Kannan, and many others.

For more information, including online registration, please visit:

We left room in the program for a few contributed talks. Please let us
know if you are interested in speaking at the event.

Looking forward to seeing you in April.


Dan Boneh
Program Chair

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