Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ESA accepted papers

I'm about two weeks late, but better late than never.

The list of accepted papers at ESA is out. I was in the PC for the applied track where we got 53 submissions out of which 16 were accepted. As a whole the papers were of high quality and even though I was pretty tired of reviewing papers I enjoyed reading many of them (well at least a few).

In the theory track there were a some papers that look interesting, for example: "Fitting a step function to a point set" by Fournier and Vigneron, "An optimal dynamic spanner for doubling metric spaces" by Gottlieb and Roditty (finally an optimal algorithm!) and "Deterministic Sampling Algorithms" by van Zuylen.

Our group also got a paper accepted, "Detecting Regular Visit Patterns" by Bojan Djordjevic, Anh Pham, Thomas Wolle and me. I quite like this paper. As the title suggests the original motivation comes from detecting regular visit patterns. However, the problem boils down to a nice little problem on bitstrings.

Given a bitstring S and a constant 0 < c < 1 find the longest substring of S containing at least a fraction c of 1's. We give a linear time algorithm and then we apply it to our original problem.

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