Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New position at the university of sydney (algorithmic machine learning)

We have a new position in "algorithmic machine learning" at the university of sydney.
The deadline for submitting an application is 12-august-2010.

The position is at the level of "lecturer" which is the same as an assistant professor, or "senior lecturer" which is again the same as an assistant professor but usually slightly older, with some gray hair, possibly kids, and a mortgage.

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  1. In my mind, Australian Senior Lecturer extends substantially further than the US rank of "Assistant Professor", including much of the US "Associate Professor" range. A Senior Lecturer would typically be somewhere between 4 and 16 years past their PhD [that is, someone on a fast-but-not-superhuman track would get to SL about 4 yrs after their PhD, and move beyond it about 8 years after PhD, while someone on a slow-and-steady track might take 8 years to reach SL, and be ready for the next step after 8 more].

    The expectation for appointment at Senior Lecturer typically is that one already clearly established their success in an independent research agenda (a coherent body of work that one initiated, done with students and/or a variety of colleagues) and similarly, that one has clearly established an independent record as a teacher (including making some innovations in class content or delivery, developing material, supervising teaching assistants, etc).

    Note also that in Australia (unlike the US) there is no notion of up-or-out; that is, tenure is not coupled to seniority. One can have a tenured appointment at any level, and also a fixed-term appointment can be at any level. This ad is for a tenure-track appointment; provided the person achieves reasonably on the conditions set down when they are hired, they would be confirmed after 3 years, and thereafter they could only lose their job through a process demonstrating poor performance, or through budget shortfall in the organization. Confirmation of tenure does not mean one gets a promotion, nor does appointment at Senior Lecturer in any way reduce the tenure period.