Wednesday, September 19, 2007


In a previous post Tasos was complaining about the CATS registration fee (900 AUD), and claimed that the registration fee for IWOCA would be much cheaper. However, I just saw on the IWOCA website that the registration fee is 800AUD (650AUD for students)! I'll probably stay at home....

How can it be so expensive? Is it the transition from AWOCA to IWOCA?


  1. goooood.

    I just checked ISAAC 2007, the registration is about 503AUD (late registration).
    Maybe ISAAC should be the designated conference for australian theorists to meet?

  2. Registration fees (late always, in AUD) for IWOCA (AWOCA before 2007):

    2007: 800 ("australian" replaced by "international")
    2006: 380
    2005: 400
    2004: 275
    2003: 100 (84 USD, in Korea)
    2002: couldnt find this one
    2001: 310
    2000: 300
    1999: well that's tooooo long ago.

  3. Well, next year ISAAC will be in Australia. Let's see if the fee can stay low. Btw, the registration fee for Graph Drawing, which is taking place in Sydney this weekend, is 600 AUD.