Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dagstuhl - a meeting place

Dagstuhl is a great institution. I recently spent another week there and as usual it was pure pleasure. It is is an old castle that has been converted into a research conference centre. Almost every week for the whole year it hosts one or two workshops in various areas of computer science. The castle is quite secluded and there are no cities close by (it takes two hours to Frankfurt), thus nothing to distract you from your research. Generally the workshops includes between 15-50 researchers and the Dagstuhl personnel takes care of almost all the administration. On top of that the prize is heavily subsidised.

I know there is a similar place in Italy, although I never been there. McGill has a place in Barbados that is used for a similar purpose, but I don't think the administration is as well developed as at Dagstuhl. Are there any other places around? Is there anything like this in Australia? If not, why not?

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