Tuesday, October 23, 2007

game theory related papers in SODA 2008

Below is a list of game-theory related papers, to appear in SODA 2008. Only half of them showed up on my google searches and seem to be available online.
  1. Incentive Compatible Regression Learning, Ofer Dekel and Felix Fischer and Ariel D. Procaccia (pdf)
  2. On the Value of Coordination in Network Design, Susanne Albers
  3. Designing Networks with Good Equilibria, Ho-Lin Chen and Tim Roughgarden and Gregory Valiant (pdf)
  4. Fast Load Balancing via Bounded Best Response, Baruch Awerbuch and Yossi Azar and Rohit Khandekar
  5. Fast Algorithms for Finding Proper Strategies in Game Trees, Peter Bro Miltersen and Troels Bjerre Sorensen (pdf)
  6. Succinct Approximate Convex Pareto Curves, Ilias Diakonikolas and Mihalis Yannakakis
  7. (Almost) Optimal Coordination Mechanisms for Unrelated Machine Scheduling, Yossi Azar and Kamal Jain and Vahab Mirrokni
  8. The complexity of game dynamics: BGP oscillations, sink equlibria, and beyond, Alex Fabrikant and Christos H. Papadimitriou (ps)
  9. Charity Auctions on Social Networks, Arpita Ghosh and Mohammad Mahdian
  10. Minimizing average latency in oblivious routing, Prahladh Harsha and Thomas Hayes and Hariharan Narayanan and Harald Raecke and Jaikumar Radhakrishnan
  11. On Allocations that Maximize Fairness, Uriel Feige (pdf)

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