Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Workshop in the Netherlands

I just came back from a great workshop in the Netherlands organised by Marc van Kreveld. The topic was on geometric algorithms for problems motivated from spatial data mining and spatio-temporal data mining. We were 15 researchers, mostly working in computational geometry, but also one geographer.

The first day Patrick Laube from Melbourne gave a very interesting overview of the area and proposed lots of open problems, which we spent the rest of the week trying to solve. In general I very much enjoy these kinds of workshops. It gives you the opportunity to work with new people and learn about new problems. What made this workshop special was that everyone seemed to work with everyone. There was even one problem that I think almost all of us were involved in, so if we get a paper out of it I wouldn't be surprised if it will be a 15 authors paper. It might be an annoying process to write the paper but the research was great!

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