Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ICALP 2008 accepted papers

The list of accepted papers for ICALP 2008 is out (track A: algorithms, automata, complexity and games).

The 10 titles that i liked the most (from my first look through the list of accepted papers):
  1. Andrei Bulatov. The Complexity of the Counting Constraint Satisfaction Problem
  2. Guy Blelloch, Virginia Vassilevska and Ryan Williams. A New Combinatorial Approach For Sparse Graph Problems
  3. Patrick Briest. Uniform Budgets and the Envy-Free Pricing Problem
  4. David Buchfuhrer and Christopher Umans. The complexity of Boolean formula minimization
  5. Alexandr Andoni and Robi Krauthgamer. The Smoothed Complexity of Edit Distance
  6. Kousha Etessami, Dominik Wojtczak and Mihalis Yannakakis. Recursive Stochastic Games with Positive Rewards
  7. Mehdi Mhalla and Simon Perdrix. Finding Optimal Flows Efficiently
  8. Yijia Chen, Marc Thurley and Mark Weyer. Understanding the Complexity of Induced Subgraph Isomorphisms
  9. Angelo Fanelli, Michele Flammini and Luca Moscardelli. The Speed of Convergence in Congestion Games under Best-Response Dynamics
  10. Nitin Saxena. Diagonal Circuit Identity Testing and Lower Bounds

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