Monday, May 5, 2008

SWAT 2008 - Call for participation

Here's the call for participation for SWAT 2008. Gothenburg is a very exciting place in early July with almost 20 hours of sunlight. More information about Gothenburgh can be found here.

Call for Participation
11th Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory (SWAT)
July 2-4, 2008
Gothenburg, Sweden

The registration is open.
Early registartion deadline: May 31, 2008.

SWAT is a biennial international conference intended as a forum for
researchers in the area of design and analysis of algorithms and data
structures including approximation algorithms, computational biology,
computational geometry, distributed algorithms, external-memory algorithms,
graph algorithms, online algorithms, optimization algorithms, parallel
algorithms, randomized algorithms, string algorithms, algorithmic game
theory and more.


Michael Mitzenmacher, Harvard University
Title: A Survey of Results for Deletion Channels and Related
Synchronization Channels
Vijay V. Vazirani, Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: Nash Bargaining via Flexible Budget Markets

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